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Can't find streamate profile, or it's always shown as offline

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Having problems finding your Streamate profile in DivaTraffic, or if you find it it's always offline?

For reasons unknow to us, Streamate doesn't include all profiles in their model API which DivaTraffic relies on to index and detect who is online on Streamate. 
If this is the case for you and you want to know why your profile is not in their API, you should contact Streamate model support. Contact us to have it added manually.

If you can find it, and it's always showing offline, we have a workaround solution with a feature that let's you manually set your profile to online when the system is unable to detect it.

To do this do the following.

1. Edit your profile by clicking Settings in the drowndown menu next to the Boost button on your profiles page

2. Go to Room Settings and select Manual Override and specify for how long your profile should be set to be online. Then click Update profile
Now your profile will be shown online for the duration you have specified, and you can buy traffic to it.

PS: Be aware that when you do this, traffic will not automatically stop if you go offline, so be sure to pause and running orders if you go offline or into a private chat.

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