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How to use CamHead on your website

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This article explains how to use the CamHead Promo Tool that is available for Studios, Models and Affiliate at DivaTraffic.

What is CamHead?

CamHead is an affiliate promo tool that can be placed on a website, and will show an ad for an online model. It will load as a small circle at the top right corner of the page. When it's clicked it opens a bigger ad that shows a live stream preview.


DEMO: Click here to view a live demo of how it looks like

How to use the CamHead promo tool

  1. Login to your DivaTraffic account here. (Click here to register, if you don't have an account)
  2. Go to the CamHead Tools page.
  3. Select what profiles and camsites the CamHead should show
  4. Copy the Script into the html of your website
  5. Done! Your website will now show an ad in the top right corner of your site as can be seen on this page


  • You need a personal website or blog to use CamHead
  • You need to be able to edit the html of your website to use CamHead

How to configure settings

The CamHead will work without configuring anything. But if you would like to decide what models it should show, you can do so by specifying settings before you copy the script code to your website's html code


Select camsites

In this section you can select which camsites you want the CamHead to show models from. This setting applies if you have not selected any profiles, or if none of the profiles selected are online.

Select profiles

In this section you can select specific profiles you would like the CamHead to show. If profiles are selected, then it will show a random profiles from the ones selected, if they are online. If none of the profiles are online, then it will select based on the other settings you've selected.

Custom tracking

The custom tracking settings are for advanced users, and are not necesarry to configure. In these settings there are 5 Sub ID fields. These settings can be used to track additional information that you decide for yourself. And example if this would be if you want to use the camhead on multiple different websites. You could the chose to use Sub ID 1 to track which website, and enter the domain of the site into the Sub ID 1 field. If you use the custom tracking option, you will be able to see this in the statistics by grouping the statistics by SubID 1 to 5.

Additional settings

In the Additional settings section you have two options. A delay setting, and a sound setting. The delay setting specifies how long after the page has loaded, the camhead should show up. If you set it to 15 seconds, it will show 15 seconds after the website has finished loading. The sound setting lets you select a sound that will be played when the CamHead is shown. There are 5 different sounds to choose from.

Select gender

If you want the CamHead to show specific genders, you can configure that in this section. Keep in mind though, that this will only apply if you have not selected any profiles, or if none of the profiles selected are online.

Earn money as an affiliate

The CamHead is an affiliate promo tool, which means you will earn affiliate commission if the the users that click on it become paying members on the camsite they visit. This applies if it is showing your own profiles, or other models based on the camsite and gender settings. Your earnings from this will be paid to your DivaTraffic account as tokens. How much you will earn in commission, will depend on which camsite the members sign up.

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