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Create your own custom traffic packages

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If you would like to increase the value of your traffic investment, you can create your own custom traffic packages. When you create your own traffic packages, you have more flexibility to decide who you want as your target audience. You can decide for yourself which countries, websites or ad networks you want to buy traffic from, as well as specifying specific browsers, devices and operating systems of the users you want to target. This allows you to buy more specific traffic based on your own personal situation or performance.

To create your own traffic package, you need to have a paid subscription to DivaTraffic.
Once you have that, you can create your own traffic package by following the steps below:

1. Go to Packages in the left sidebar, and click the + Add package button at the top of the page.


2. Fill in information about your package, by giving it a title and a description, then create a Target Audience, by clicking the + Add targeting button

3. Create Target Audience
Specify your target audience by clicking the different target audience options in the left sidebar. You can select specific countries, search for specific websites or select other targeting options for which type of traffic you want to buy.
When you have selected your audience targeting, you bust chose a Bid at the bottom. You can set the bid to anything you want, and this decided what the cost of the traffic will be.  

What is the bid, and how does it work?
When you're buying traffic with the package you make, the system will try to buy the traffic to the Bid you set it to. This happens in real time auctions on ad exchanges that DivaTraffic is integrated with. The bidding process works in a way where the advertiser who bids the highest, will win the auction, and receive the user. When you are buying traffic, you are the advertiser, and you are competing with all other advertisers who wants to buy traffic with a similar audience. Setting the bid very low will make the traffic cheaper, while setting it high makes the traffic more expensive. But if you set it very low, you might not win many auctions, and you won't receive much traffic. 
How to know what to bid?
Without any knowledge of what other advertisers are bidding, it can be difficult to know what to bid. To make it easier for you to decide what to bid, we have made available traffic reports that show what traffic is available, and what the avg bids for other advertisers are.
Bids vary a lot depending on which countries and websites you want to buy traffic from. 

- Traffic Report: Countries
- Traffic Report: Sources (Websites)
- Traffic Report: Browsers

In the Traffic Reports you can see a list of countries, sources or browsers with columns showing how much traffic is available, what the avg bid is from other advertisers, what percent of traffic is won, and a score.
The score column is a metric that is generated based on the historical performance of this traffic. If the score is high, it means that traffic from this group has performed well in the past and has lead to registrations and sales for other models. If you want high quality traffic, you should target the countries and websites with the highest score.

Pro Tip #1
It's possible to create several target audiences in one traffic package. This means you can set different bids on each target audience. For instance, you can create one target audience with high scoring countries and have a high bid, and another target audience with low scoring countries and have a low bid. Check the Traffic Reports above, to learn about what to bid.

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