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Earn higher commission as an affiliate!

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When you buy traffic you become an affiliate, and will earn a higher commission by turning guests into paying members. You can increase your commission by 15-40% as an affiliate.

What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is someone who bring new users to the camsite. Affiliates send traffic to the camsites, and gets paid an affiliate commission from new users who become paying members on the camsite.

Can models be affiliate?
Models can be affiliates. In fact, when you buy traffic from DivaTraffic you automatically become an affiliate, and you will earn an extra commission if the guests you receive into the room becomes paying members on the camsite.

What will I earn?
How much you will earn in affiliate commission will depend on the camsites affiliate terms, and which affiliate program type you choose. Each camsite have different affiliate programs and you can usually chose which program you want to use. The most common affiliate programs are the following:

Revshare (recommended)
With a revshare program you will earn a commission on everything the members you bring spends on the site for as long as they are members. The camsites revshare programs usually pay you between 15-40% commission on everything they spend. This commission comes in addition to the commission you get as a model, and you will get a commission from them even when they spend money on other models on the site. Using the revshare option is a great way to generate a passive income for yourself, that will earn you money even when you are are offline, or when you retire and don't want to live stream any longer.

PPS (Pay Per Sale)
With Pay Per Sale you will get a fixed amount when a guests becomes a paying member for the first time. The amount you get paid can be higher than what the members spent on the first purchase, but you will not get paid any commission if the user becomes a long term member of the site and buys tokens/credits several times. Only on the first purchase. It can earn you more on the short term, but you will usually make less on a long term basis. The camsites usually pays between $20-$300 per sale on a PPS program

PPL (Pay Per Lead)
Pay Per Lead means you get paid a fixed amount for users who registers for a free account on the camsite. They do not have to become a paying member. You get paid for getting the user to register for a free member account. The camsites usually pays between $1-5 per signup/registration on a PPL program.

What do I have to do?
You don't have to do anything. You will automatically be an affiliate when you buy traffic in DivaTraffic, and you will earn your affiliate commission as tokens in DivaTraffic. If you have a free account in DivaTraffic, you will get 50% of the affiliate commission. If you have a paid subscription, you will by default earn 90% of the affiliate commission.

Can I use my own affiliate links?
Yes! If you have a paid subscription in DivaTraffic, you can optionally choose to use your own affiliate link when you buy traffic. When you do this, you will get 100% of the affiliate commission, but you will get your earnings paid from the camsite directly, and you will not earn any tokens in DivaTraffic.

How do I use my own affiliate links?
How you configure your account to use your own affiliate link will depend on each camsites affiliate program. You can read more about how to do it for each camsite in this article: How to use your own affiliate links

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