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How to be an affiliate of ImLive

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When you are an affiliate of ImLive and bring your own traffic to the site, you can earn a extra commission from any new members you bring to the site.
ImLive offers 3 different affiliate programs through their affiliate program at


35% Revshare (recommended)
If you choose the revshare program, you will earn up to 35% extra commission from what the members you brought spends on the site for the lifetime of their membership on ImLive. This applies also when they spend money on other models on the site. Long term, this will be your best choice, as it will create a passive income even when you don't broadcast or send new traffic.
The commission starts at 35%, but increases based on how many members you send within a 14 day pay period.

Pay Per Signup (Up to $250 per signup)
If you choose the Pay Per Signup program you will earn up to $250 for every new member you bring that buys at least 25 credits on their first purchase. This can make you more on the short term, but you will probably make less with this on a long term. You will not have any passive income unless you continue sending new members all the time. Keep in mind that PussyCash pays a different amount depending on how many members you send within a 14 day pay period. It starts at $150 and the max is $250 per paying member.

Pay Per Lead (Free registrations)
If you choose the Pay Per Lead program, you will earn up to $3 for every member that creates a free account. It doesn't matter if the user ever spends any money on the site, you will get paid regardless. This can make you more money on the short term, since the members doesn't have to spend any money, but on a long term you will probably make more with the RevShare program. How much you earn for each free registration depends on the country of origin for each member. Only 6 countries pay $3 for each registration. Keep this in mind when you buy traffic. It might be smart to buy traffic from countries that pay more per registration.


How to get started as an affiliate of ImLive
To become an affiliate of ImLive you need to have an account in their affiliate program at

How to use your affiliate link from ImLive in DivaTraffic

To find your affiliate link for ImLive, do the following:
1. Create an account and login to
2. Go to the Generic Link Promo Tool page
3. Find and copy the 12 digits wid from the link at the bottom of the page


4. Go to the Camsite settings for ImLive in your DivaTraffic Settings page
5. Paste the 12 digit code into the WID field as shown in the screenshot below.


6. Click Save ImLive settings

You have now configured your affiliate settings for ImLive, and all traffic you buy on demand will be sent using your own affiliate link in DivaTraffic


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