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Traffic on Demand

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When you buy Traffic On Demand, you can buy as much traffic as you want, when you want it.
This allows you to buy a lot of traffic quickly, and get a noticeable increase of online viewers in your room.

The traffic type you receive when buying on demand is popup traffic, and the popups are coming from popup ads from adult sites that we are buying it from, through ad-exchanges we are connected to.
You can buy from many different traffic packages that we have made available, or you can create your own custom traffic package.

When you are buying Traffic On Demand, users on adult sites will get a popup that shows your channel instantly. You can pay for this traffic using tokens from your DivaTraffic account.

If you have a subscription, you will get some tokens for free every month, and you will also get a discount if you want to buy more tokens.

Keep in mind how popups work. Most people close popups if what they are seeing is not catching their attention right away, so we recommend
that when you do your boost, you put an extra effort into making your performance seem interesting and do something to catch peoples attention,
because otherwise the guests will close the window right away.

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