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What is Pop Traffic and how does it work?

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Pop traffic, (also referred to as popup traffic or popunder traffic) is coming from websites that are using pop ads. Pop traffic means that a new browser tab or window opens on the users computer when they visit a website. Popups open in front of the website the user visits, while popunders open behind the website the user is visiting. With popups the user sees the Ad right away, while with popunders the user sees the ad when he closes the current website. When you buy Pop traffic from DivaTraffic, you're cam room page is what is opening in the Ad window as shown in the graphic below.
There are Good and Bad things with Pop traffic, but in general it is the traffic type that is the cheapest and easiest to use to get traffic to your cam room.


- Cheaper than other traffic types (banners, native, video ads)
- Can be delivered really fast
- Doesn't require a banner or creative
- Users don't need to click and AD before joining your room.


- A lot of users close the window quickly
- Users didn't decide to see the content

What you do as a model matters
Since users get popups without deciding to click and ad or anything, it results in a lot of users closing the window right away when it opens. This depends however, on what content they see when the window opens. We see from experiments that models who focus on being active when they buy traffic, have users stay longer than models who stay passive when they buy traffic. Consider that you have about 1-15 seconds from when a user gets a pop window with your stream in it to grab their attention, and prevent them from closing the tab or window. 

Expectations when buying pop traffic

When you buy pop traffic, do not expect that the number of popups you buy, will be the number of guests or members you see in your room. Our experiments show that about 5-20% of the popups will stay in the room for more than a couple of minutes. This depends a lot of how interesting you make the show when you receive the traffic. 
Keep in mind that the people who see your in a pop window, will not necessarily be familiar with the camsite, and are not members yet. They will for the most part be guests when they come to your room. So it's a good idea to enable guests to chat if the camsite allows that, or to recommend the guests in your room to register as a member in order to interact with you by talking or writing to the guests. If you do this right, you have the opportunity to earn a higher commission than you will from regular members on the camsite.

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