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Traffic on Subscription

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When you have a subscription to DivaTraffic, your profiles will indexed and shown on as well as rotated in ads on sites that are using our ad tools.
How often they will be shown and how much traffic you receive is based on performance, so if your ads gets a lot of clicks (high click through rate) or you get a lot of registrations or sales, your ads will be shown more often, and you receive more traffic.

This traffic is clicked traffic, and the users have to click your ads to enter your room. It will not send you a lot of traffic fast, but a slow steady stream of traffic for the entire period of your subscription.
You will probably not see a big increase of viewers in your room, but in general this traffic is higher quality and have a bigger chance of leading to new registrations and paying members since the users make a conscious decision to click on your ad and enter your room.

The ad that is being used is a live screenshot from your room or a profile picture, depending on what cam site your profile is from.

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