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Is the Traffic real or Bots?

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It's real, and the traffic is actual people.

We buy traffic based on your orders from other networks and also receive traffic from DivaTraffic network and affiliates.
The traffic we provide is either pop- or clicked traffic.

The popups appear on a network of sites that connects to DivaTraffic, and every time you do a boost, your cam room will open as a popup on many of these sites.
Currently, there are more than 200 thousand websites where the popups can appear.

Since the traffic is coming from other websites and not from the cam site you are broadcasting on, the users will appear in your room as guests and not as members.
So it's is essential to treat them as guests, and get them to sign up to the cam site so they can become members who can pay you.

We recommend enabling guest chat on the cam site if this is an option so that it is possible for them to communicate with you.
Interacting with the guests will increase the chance of them becoming a member of the cam site.

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